Sunday, March 15, 2009

February 19th...50/365

A picture of our front boring. No one ever comes to our front door because it actually kind of sits on the side of our house. That is until this morning at 5:00 am when apparently some REALLY drunk guy had the wrong house and was trying to get into ours. We heard a noise, Jason went to check it out, and I called 911. I heard the guy yelling something and heard Jason yelling back and saying, "You're a the wrong house son, I'm going to get my gun!" While Jason does in fact have a concealed handgun license, his gun was locked in his truck sitting in our driveway. I called my parents who drove over and got here just after the cops arrived too. They couldn't find the guy wearing the black 'hoodie' anywhere. Turns out he was yelling at Jason saying, "Open the door mom, let me in." Later that day, I found out that he was arrested 2 hours later at our neighbors house. The 28-year old idiot apparently got scared and left our house and stumbled to our neighbors home, who unfortunately for the drunk guy, happens to be the city attorney. The guy was passed out on his back porch. Needless to say we did not go back to sleep after the police left. Craziness!

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