Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 8th...39/365

After Mom and I cooked a yummy breakfast, we went out on 4-wheelers. Dylan rode with Pop-Pop, Riley rode with Daddy, and Mom and I took the RTV. We of course stopped many times to throw rocks in any body of water that Dylan could find. Here we are at the spillway of the lake taking a break on some rocks.

February 7th...38/365

We went to my parents Diamond K Ranch in Santo to spend Saturday and Sunday. Dylan and Riley had a lot of fun riding 4-wheelers, throwing rocks in the creek, and playing in their playhouse. Here is one of the only two full time residents there Moe, the black dog, taking a break in Palo Pinto Creek which runs through the property. The other resident would be his sister Jo, the brownish-red dog.

February 6th...37/365

Miss Riley with two pettiskirts on. 'Cause one big poofy skirt just isn't enough!

February 5th...36/365

I was trying to take a picture of Dylan and he was being less than cooperative. Here he is pouting instead of posing.

February 4th...35/365

When we had the cold snap last week, I went and got Dylan a couple of puzzles to work on. I also got one for myself and it is taking forever. It is 1,000 pieces and is shaped obviously like Texas. I am such a nerd...

February 3rd...34/365

Dylan doing some Kung Fu moves before bed.

Februrary 2nd...33/365

16 week belly pic!

February 1st...32/365

Super Bowl Sunday - We got back from Oklahoma just in time for THE big game and just in time to make my 'famous' SUPER SANDWICH. The top pic is a before it's baked picture with a coffee mug next to it for size reference. The bottom pic is a picture after it's been baked and sliced. Delicious!

January 31st...31/356

We drove to Elk City, Oklahoma to meet up with Jason's three brothers and their families for the weekend. Dylan and Riley had a lot of fun hanging out with their older cousins.

January 30th...30/365

Cooking beans on the grill at the monthly lunch for our employees at the tractor dealership. Yum, yum!

January 29th...29/365

My friend Kelley borrowed my Canon 30D to take to her daughter's cheerleading banquet. Here is a picture of one of the centerpieces.

January 28th...28/365

Jack-knifed rig stuck in the sleet on our back patio. I just thought this looked too funny not to take a picture of it.

January 27th...27/365

My awesome fire-building skills in action while Jason was at work. It is freezing cold outside.

January 26th...26/365

We named her Phantom when we brought her home because of the way her face is marked. She looks like she has a black mask down the left side of her face. Little did we know that she would end up being as elusive as the Phantom of the Opera. This is one of the few times she has ever been in the house. Only if it gets really, really cold outside will she come inside to get warm.

January 25th...25/365

One of the three display shelves with some of my Fiesta that we don't actually use (only because I have way too much).