Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 14th...73/365

We bought a necklace and charm for Riley from James Avery. It is a simple sterling silver chain with a 'R' initial charm.

March 13th...72/365

Friday was PJ and Teddy Bear Day at Dylan's school. He wore his new Mario Kart pj's and took his dog Barkley. Here he is just before bed that night in his new Hulk pj's with Barkley who happened to win the 'Best Dog Award' earlier at school.

March 12th...71/365

Riley in her new Dora nightgown along with her Dora slippers she got from Santa.

March 11th...70/365

Rain, rain, don't go away! Finally, we got some rain and several inches are forecasted over the next several days. Come on hay season!

March 10th...69/365

So I contemplated getting a double stroller to use with Dylan and Riley. If I had gotten one back then I may or may not have gotten a lot of use out of it. They are 3 years apart and in some ways I don't think that Dylan would have wanted to ride in the stroller that much anyways. But Riley and this baby will be a little over 2 years apart so I decided to go ahead and get one. I ordered this Graco Quattro Duo online and it arrived today so of course we had to assemble it. Riley loves it and wants to ride in it/push it all around the house.

March 9th...68/365

So after going to the Piggies and Paws party yesterday, I was inspired to try and do one myself. It didn't turn out too badly. I still need to put a mat around it and frame it.

March 8th...67/365

I went to a Piggies and Paws party yesterday. You take your kiddos with you and their is an artist there that takes their handprints and footprints, then creates artwork from them. They were really cool. I ordered one for my mom for Mother's Day with both kids footprints. I'll get the finished product in a couple of weeks and will post a pic of the finished product.

March 7th...66/365

Riley, Dylan, Jami, Drew, Tristen, Jacob, and Wyatt.
My cousins, their husbands, and their boys went out to my parents land on the Brazos River to go camping. We live just 20 minutes away so we went and hung out (fished, cooked out, flew kites, etc.). Unlike them, we went home and slept in the comfort of our own beds.

March 6th...65/365

I have felt like crap the last couple of days. I have been surviving by using Sudafed during the day and Breathe Right Strips by night.

March 5th...64/365

Jason and I went to my 20 week appointment at my OB's office. Since we already knew that we were having another girl, it was fun just to sit there and watch her. All of her measurements were right on and she was estimated to weigh 1 pound.

March 4th...63/365

Andy, aka Mr. Pool, called to see if I would be able to sub in a bi-lingual 4th grade class for a few days. That few days turned into a week and a half. I am so glad to be finished!

March 3rd...62/365

The latest restaurant to be added to my To-Go menu collection. Wingstop opened this week in Weatherford.

March 2nd...61/365

Good ole Binion Plumbing came out and fixed our leak. Apparently in addition to the hole in the floor under the dishwasher, there was also a rusted out pipe under the house. So all of the water that was going down our kitchen sink drain was just being dumped under our house instead of draining down to the sewer. All fixed!

March 1st...60/365

Here is a pic of under our kitchen sink. We had to keep everything out from under it until we got the dishwasher re-installed.

February 28th...59/365

We've had a weird musty smell in our kitchen area lately so Jason decided to pull out or dishwasher to see if he could find a leak or anything. I told Jason that there must be a small hole or something back there because when it's really cold, I can feel cold air around the dishwasher. So I bought a can of the spray foam insulation so that we could patch the hole. Once we got the dishwasher out, it was not a small hole but instead a 2 inch by 2 1/2 foot missing piece of wood under the dishwasher that was opened to the underside of our house. Wonder how the smell was getting in?

February 27th...58/365

Miss Riley looking like a homeless child. Clearly not a starving, homeless child can see the evidence of all that she had eaten on her shirt and face.

February 26th...57/365

Here's a receipt from G & D Pool Service. I decided it was time to get the pool filter cleaned and

start getting it in shape for the summertime.

February 25th...56/365

Dylan got some mail today! It was his first chain mail. My BFF Amanda's little girl Taya sent it to him. It was for him to join a Sticker Club. Now all of my other friends hate me for continuing the chain, but Dylan thought it was really cool when he got to send letters to six of his friends. I'm sure he will be even more excited once he receives his Stickers in the mail.

February 24th...55/365

Riley and Dylan smiling big while sitting in the hallway of your house. Dylan did finally get a haircut, but I hadn't 'fixed' it yet. The apple dress on Riley was too cute!

February 23rd...54/365

Since I already put a picture of Bailey up, I thought it only appropriate to include a pic of Dixie as well. We got Dixie when we lived in Brock after Dylan was born. Jason traded 4 round bales of hay for her, and I think we got screwed. Just kidding, Dixie is a really sweet dog and she lets Riley lay on her.

February 22nd...53/365

We went to my cousin's daughter, Lorelei's, birthday party at Let's Jump in Keller. Here's a pic of Mom and I.

February 21st...52/365

Our mommas and the poppa. This will be the first calf for Dylan and Riley's longhorn heifers, so we picked a small bull to breed them with in hope that they will have small calves and not need any 'assistance' with birthing them. We learned the hard way several years ago and Jason had to 'pull' several calves. I can't wait to see the colors that the babies will be. They should be born around October or November!

February 20th...51/365

Pirate the Betta fish. Poor Pirate, it is definately a wonder that this poor fish is still alive. I decided to take a picture because I'd just cleaned the water in his bowl.

February 19th...50/365

A picture of our front boring. No one ever comes to our front door because it actually kind of sits on the side of our house. That is until this morning at 5:00 am when apparently some REALLY drunk guy had the wrong house and was trying to get into ours. We heard a noise, Jason went to check it out, and I called 911. I heard the guy yelling something and heard Jason yelling back and saying, "You're a the wrong house son, I'm going to get my gun!" While Jason does in fact have a concealed handgun license, his gun was locked in his truck sitting in our driveway. I called my parents who drove over and got here just after the cops arrived too. They couldn't find the guy wearing the black 'hoodie' anywhere. Turns out he was yelling at Jason saying, "Open the door mom, let me in." Later that day, I found out that he was arrested 2 hours later at our neighbors house. The 28-year old idiot apparently got scared and left our house and stumbled to our neighbors home, who unfortunately for the drunk guy, happens to be the city attorney. The guy was passed out on his back porch. Needless to say we did not go back to sleep after the police left. Craziness!

February 18th...49/365

'Our' first baby, Bailey. Jason and I got Bailey a few months before we got married. She will be 8 years old this spring. Riley likes to try to ride her around the house.

February 17th...48/365

Riley's 2nd birthday party theme is going to be Sesame Street. She loves watching Elmo and Dora both. However, I walked into Target the other day and their $1.00 bins at the front of the store were filled with tons of Sesame Street things. Therefore, I decided on that for her theme. Plus, she has so many boy cousins that I felt bad making them get Dora goodie bags.

February 16th...47/365

Of course now that we know that we are expecting another girl...I had to buy an outfit for her. This sweet little ladybug sleeper is an Up to 7 Pounds size so it will be going in the hospital bag with us. It is soooo tiny!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

February 15th...46/365

Riley with bubbles all around her!

February 14th...45/365

Jacob and Drew celebrated their birthday parties at Jump Extreme in Weatherford on Valentine's Day. Jacob turned six and Drew turned three. Riley is finally big enough to sort of hold her own in the bounce houses. Big brother Dylan was always looking out for her though.

February 13th...44/365

Dylan's Valentine's Day party at pre-school. They had a great time playing bingo with candy hearts and eating some yummy snacks. They didn't have to wear uniforms since it was a party day, so he wore a red t-shirt that had Joe Cool aka Snoopy on it that said 'Call Me' on the bottom. He thought it was funny and he looked super cute.

February 12th...43/365

We're expecting another baby girl! We went to Stork Vision to get a sneak peak of the baby to try and find out the gender. I was 17w4d and wouldn't be going to my Dr for my 'official' ultrasound until March 5 when I was 20w2d. Jason and I, my parents, and my Granny went to the appointment and then went to lunch at Mexican Inn afterwards for lunch. Dylan took the news...okay.

February 11th...42/365

Riley and Dylan opening a gift sent to Riley for Valentine's Day. We do different holiday swaps on my May '07 Mommies board. Riley received a gift from Avery who actually lives in Arlington and Riley sent a gift to Maci who lives in North Carolina. Dylan is always a little jealous when Riley gets a package from her 'online friends'.

February 10th...41/365

The Challenger's together for one final time. Mom traded in her silver Challenger today to get a GMC Acadia. So we decided to take a couple of final pics of them together.

February 9th...4/365

The new baby will use a crib that Mom got for Dylan to use at her house when he was a baby. We will eventually move Riley's furniture into the baby's room once Riley is ready for a 'big girl' bed.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 8th...39/365

After Mom and I cooked a yummy breakfast, we went out on 4-wheelers. Dylan rode with Pop-Pop, Riley rode with Daddy, and Mom and I took the RTV. We of course stopped many times to throw rocks in any body of water that Dylan could find. Here we are at the spillway of the lake taking a break on some rocks.

February 7th...38/365

We went to my parents Diamond K Ranch in Santo to spend Saturday and Sunday. Dylan and Riley had a lot of fun riding 4-wheelers, throwing rocks in the creek, and playing in their playhouse. Here is one of the only two full time residents there Moe, the black dog, taking a break in Palo Pinto Creek which runs through the property. The other resident would be his sister Jo, the brownish-red dog.

February 6th...37/365

Miss Riley with two pettiskirts on. 'Cause one big poofy skirt just isn't enough!

February 5th...36/365

I was trying to take a picture of Dylan and he was being less than cooperative. Here he is pouting instead of posing.

February 4th...35/365

When we had the cold snap last week, I went and got Dylan a couple of puzzles to work on. I also got one for myself and it is taking forever. It is 1,000 pieces and is shaped obviously like Texas. I am such a nerd...

February 3rd...34/365

Dylan doing some Kung Fu moves before bed.

Februrary 2nd...33/365

16 week belly pic!

February 1st...32/365

Super Bowl Sunday - We got back from Oklahoma just in time for THE big game and just in time to make my 'famous' SUPER SANDWICH. The top pic is a before it's baked picture with a coffee mug next to it for size reference. The bottom pic is a picture after it's been baked and sliced. Delicious!

January 31st...31/356

We drove to Elk City, Oklahoma to meet up with Jason's three brothers and their families for the weekend. Dylan and Riley had a lot of fun hanging out with their older cousins.

January 30th...30/365

Cooking beans on the grill at the monthly lunch for our employees at the tractor dealership. Yum, yum!

January 29th...29/365

My friend Kelley borrowed my Canon 30D to take to her daughter's cheerleading banquet. Here is a picture of one of the centerpieces.

January 28th...28/365

Jack-knifed rig stuck in the sleet on our back patio. I just thought this looked too funny not to take a picture of it.